Film Shortage

“The film is psychologically shocking, and beautifully sad. Simone Smith hit it right on with the emotions.”

Another great feature on RED including my thoughts on the making of it. Full article here. Thank you so much Film Shortage <3

Film Shortage

Creative Scotland Award

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been awarded Creative Scotland investment to contribute towards my time in New York City where I’ll be undertaking a production internship with The Wooster Group beginning March 2014.


The Wooster Group is an experimental theatre company known for creating numerous original dramatic works and has been one of the most influential and important experimental theatre groups in the world. They have managed to redefine the boundaries of what theatre is and what it can do.

During my stay there,  I will also be researching my new multi-arts piece ‘RELEASE ME’  -  a combined film and theatre piece that explores the relationship between,  sex,  death and existence.

I can’t wait :) HUGE THANKS to Creative Scotland for the support and mega MASSIVE THANKS to The Wooster Group for inviting me to NY. <3 : ) truly wonderful





(Willem Dafoe in ‘Brace Up!’ by The Wooster Group)

Ain’t It Cool News

“Here’s a jarring/lovely smack in the face (and ears). Here’s the latest (experimental) short from Saturday Shorts veteran Simone Smith.”  

Ain't It Cool News

 THE RINSING gets hand-picked by Mike Muldoon for this week’s Saturday Shorts. Full page here.

The Rinsing wins BEST FILM

Hello :) this week I attended Shorts On Tap in London – a short film event that provides a platform for both up & coming and established film-makers to display their work, exchange ideas and receive feedback.  I was there to introduce my film The Rinsing (shortlisted to be shown in their ‘Women at Crossroads’ line-up). The venue was packed! Filled wall to wall with filmmakers and film fans, and I watched some great material. Very deep and interesting issues explored… and the Q+A sessions sparked off some heated debate! (there were moments I thought people were going to throw punches!!) To top off the excitement, The Rinsing received a strong reaction from the audience and was selected by the jurors as BEST FILM. Wonderful… :) and I’ve been invited to be a juror at their next event as well. Big thank you to Shorts on Tap for an awesome evening x

You can Watch The Rinsing here (via Channel 4, Random Acts).

Shorts on Tap

The Rinsing on Channel 4

My three minute short film The Rinsing premiered on Channel 4 on Friday 6th! If you missed it, you can now watch it  here >

Future Shorts

Brilliant news! I’ve been invited to screen RED and do a Q&A at the CCA on 13th September as part of the Future Shorts pop-up festival! Info below.



Future Shorts, the largest pop-up film festival in the world returns to Glasgow’s CCA with another great offering of some of the best short films from around the globe. This season’s selection includes Sundance Animation winner Irish Folk Furniture, as well as La Huida which won the top prize at the Chicago Film Festival, alongside Boneshaker, which stars 9-year old Oscar nominated Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild). For the full Future Shorts film programme, see here:

They’ll have tunes in between films by resident dj OZ and will also be screening a varied and compact selection of short films by local Scottish talent which comprises of:

Red – Simone Smith – (Experimental)
The Lady with the Lamp – Duncan Cowles – (Documentary)
Hart’s Desire – Gavin Robinson – (Animation)

All for only £5! Come along :) xx


Francis Bacon

“Read not to contradict or confute, nor to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider.”

Inside magic

It’s a lovely hot day but I can’t escape my room. Feeling a flow of ideas whilst editing ‘The Rinsing’ plus writing first feature film. Hope you’re all having a lovely day whatever you’re up to. For me it’s, “hello zone. I like it here.” :) happy sat x

Sound Lab with Savalas

This week I’ve been on a Sound Lab residency learning with the sound design team Savalas – the guys behind ‘Red Road’, ‘Neds’ and ‘Valhalla Rising’. It’s been amazing. Everyone so sharing and insightful. And today I’m watching Valhalla Rising (directed by Nicolas Winding Refn) for the first time… wow, really enjoying how it’s making me think and feel… visually and sonically beautiful. Inspiring to be in the company of such passionate sound designers. Thank you Savalas. x

The Rinsing

My second short film ‘The Rinsing’ starring Daniela Nardini is now officially in post-production. This will be a 3 minute film for Channel 4 Random Acts. :D Weee! Very excited to share this with you (August time). Now to the EDIT.



Behind the scenes photos by Alan McLean.

Red on Ain’t It Cool News!

I meant to share this cool news when it happened back in April but I must’ve been too excited at the time and forgot! (plus I do suck at news updates! I will try my best to get more on it from here on in, promise promise. :)) so yes, basically my short film RED got featured on Ain’t It Cool! Link here > – hand-selected by Mr Muldoon. It looks like it will live on their site for an infinity too which is extra cool :)) thank you guys:)) xx