Judging at London’s Shorts On Tap

It was a privilege to be invited on the jury panel at Shorts On Tap’s Women’s Day Celebration event at London’s 93 Feet East. Had a great time watching a seriously strong selection of films. Well done to everyone who made it onto the programme…I went home feeling inspired and stimulated…. :D and that’s how it should be!!! Creative juicy vibes all round, thank you Laaandaaan! :) XX

Shorts On Tap


Merry mistle cosmic Chevy Chase toes x

Chevy Chase

:-) merry Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful time whatever you do. It’s a fresh start which makes today so special. So be free, be wild, fly like the wiiiiind, fall in love with the stars. Love love love and more loving! Not just today, but alwaaaaays ;D

New film! Scotland for Animals

Hey folks, after deciding to go vegan in 2014, I began volunteering for Scotland for Animals. A brilliant charity focused on raising awareness for all the issues and injustices faced by animals throughout Scotland. I made this short film to help them promote awareness of cruelty that goes on in abattoirs, and most hopefully, to encourage people to take action. So glad they’re happy with it and will be sharing via their site and other animal rights focused channels. Big thanks to Tina (founder of Scotland for Animals) for her support in making this. Thanks so much for watching and sharing. xxx

Scotland for Animals from Simone Smith on Vimeo.



Easy to go vegan! >>> veganeasy.org/vegan-easy-challenge


Jan Harlan Filmmaking Masterclass

On Thursday afternoon, I enjoyed a brilliant masterclass by JAN HARLAN (he was STANLEY KUBRICK’S producer for 30 years!!) so you can imagine the kind of pleasure and excitement it felt to be in his presence :D one of my favourite lines of his: “Intellectual knowledge of art means nothing, but if you fall in love with a film or a painting…to L O V E the art… that’s what matters, it means everything… ” A great way to spend the afternoon, and forget all about stuff like buying Christmas presents! :) great great day xx

Jan Harlan

The Shining - Kubrick

RED screening at Anthology Film Archives NYC

RED has been selected to screen at New York’s amazing Anthology Film Archives as part of the NewFilmmakers Summer program series on August 19th 2014. The center focuses on the preservation, study, and exhibition of film and video, with a particular focus on independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema. And is one of the largest archives of cinema in the world. This was my most loved venue in New York… quality independent films and Q&As every week within such a cool rustic atmospheric setting. Loved watching Kenneth Anger films here… Such a privilege for RED :) Thank you!
Anthology Film Archives

Quiet time :)

On the road from Taghazout to Imsouane to Sidi Kaouki to Essaouira. Haggling, burning, a little bit of surfing:) <3 remembering trendy days in Manhattan and Brooklyn...that urban concrete swarm...a sharp contrast to where I am now in Morocco, barren, vast, simple ...what a funny little planet... So today I wake up in my hotel room which is pas trop cher and feels so nice I finally enjoy the feeling of sitting quietly...ready to face the emptiness of this little screen before me. Feeling the warmth here, and I hope you do too, wherever you are. Simone x

tamri hotel

Arts Trust of Scotland Award

Very pleased to announce that I’ve been awarded funding from the Arts Trust of Scotland supporting me in the development of new works – future films and multi-arts theatre projects.

Thank you so so much! :)

Film Shortage

“The film is psychologically shocking, and beautifully sad. Simone Smith hit it right on with the emotions.”

Another great feature on RED including my thoughts on the making of it. Full article here. Thank you so much Film Shortage <3

Film Shortage

Creative Scotland Award

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been awarded Creative Scotland investment to contribute towards my time in New York City where I’ll be undertaking a production internship with The Wooster Group beginning March 2014.


The Wooster Group is an experimental theatre company known for creating numerous original dramatic works and has been one of the most influential and important experimental theatre groups in the world. They have managed to redefine the boundaries of what theatre is and what it can do.

During my stay there,  I will also be researching my new multi-arts piece ‘RELEASE ME’  –  a combined film and theatre piece that explores the relationship between,  sex,  death and existence.

I can’t wait :) HUGE THANKS to Creative Scotland for the support and mega MASSIVE THANKS to The Wooster Group for inviting me to NY. <3 : ) truly wonderful





(Willem Dafoe in ‘Brace Up!’ by The Wooster Group)

No Budge

“A film with the animal urgency of Simone Smith’s RED can still leave us windless.”

Great review on RED by No Budge. Full article here.

Mike and Rusty’s Reviews

“It’s packed with atmosphere and some important honest commentary on life that may not have been shown this way before.”

Brilliant in-depth review on THE RINSING by Mike and Rusty’s Reviews. Full article here.